David Fine



Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 4:10pm
David J. Fine, Graduate Student, English and Interim Assistant Director, Global Citizenship Program will give a talk entitled "Why Augustine? Hannah Arendt and Rebecca West, 1929-1933" on October 24, 2013 at 4:10pm in the Humanities Center, 224 W. Packer Ave.
Scholars have recently become interested in the affinity between the post-war reportage of Rebecca West and Hannah Arendt. Rebecca West covered the Nuremberg Trials for The New Yorker only a few years before the magazine would send Hannah Arendt to report, quite memorably, on the trial of Adolf Eichmann. In this talk, I am interested in exploring another commonality between the two women: Saint Augustine. Hannah Arendt finished her doctoral dissertation--Love and Saint Augustine (1929)--only a few years before Rebecca West completed her psychobiography, Saint Augustine (1933). What draws this pair, emerging from two very different traditions, to Saint Augustine at this historical moment? What light does their engagement with Augustine shed on the political work they publish after World War II? 
Spynnynge is the Humanities Center working-in-progress series, a space to talk about projects that are incomplete.  In these informal workshops, both students and faculty will meditate on and act within these moments in the midst of creation where it becomes critical, either from despair or excitement to speak with others concerning where to go next, where to go back, and where to begin again for the first time.